On Thursday, November 6, the leaders of Covington’s public policy and government affairs practice group hosted a post-election conference call discussing the agenda for the President and the 114th Congress.  Members of the PPGA team discussed the following:

  • Political implications of the election and leadership changes in Congress.
  • Congress’s relationship with the Administration.
  • Procedural consequences of the change in control of the Senate.
  • Budget, appropriations, and sequestration.
  • Tax policy and reform.
  • Developments in intellectual property.
  • International trade, trade agreements, and trade promotion authority.
  • Healthcare and ACA implementation.
  • The outlook for immigration, energy, and environmental policy.

For those who were unable to join the event, an audio recording of the conference call is available here:  http://www.cov.com/files/upload/PPGA_Agenda_for_the_President_and_the_114th_Congress.wav