Public Policy

Covington: a unique capability to advise clients on public policy and governmental regulatory matters around the world.

  • In an increasingly regulated world, businesses need a trusted advisor who will help them navigate through the most complex regulatory, public policy, legislative, and other challenges they face across a wide range of issues.
  • They need a strategic partner who can work with them to plan and to implement significant business ventures while avoiding the pitfalls of government regulation not only in the U.S. but around the world.
  • They need an experienced and knowledgeable counselor who understands the political, as well as regulatory parameters, of doing business in established and emerging markets around the world.

These are the Mission of Covington’s Public Policy Group.

For nearly 100 years, Covington has been the preeminent law firm in dealing with the U.S. government. As the government has grown, so has Covington to keep pace with the complicated regulations facing our clients. In the age of globalization, Covington expanded internationally to meet the challenge.

Covington’s Public Policy Practice Group has more than 50 members worldwide. A 2013 Legal Times survey ranked Covington as the premier law firm affiliated government affairs group in Washington.

Our team provides clients a sophisticated, global problem solving capability we refer to as “Law Plus.” Our Law Plus approach allows us to address specific legal and regulatory issues while dealing with the larger political context surrounding them.

The Public Policy Practice Group draws on Covington’s distinctively collaborative culture and unparalleled regulatory expertise and combines it with global reach. Our policy team covers the globe, with extensive networks in key cities and regions, including: Washington, D.C., London, Brussels, the Middle East, Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, Latin America, and Africa.

Why Covington?

The Extraordinary People in Public Policy

To fulfill the lofty objectives delineated above, Covington has within our Public Policy practice an incredible breadth and depth of talent. Please click here for a partial listing of the members of the team. Many of them have had experience working internationally at senior levels of government. Their intimate knowledge and sophisticated understanding of the political dimensions surrounding government action make them invaluable in developing strategies and crafting practical solutions.

Covington has a deep and experienced congressional team with former senior professional staff from the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. There are former members of the European parliament, senior legislative and executive branch officials and policymakers; diplomats and former ambassadors; and also some who have worked for large international companies and trade associations in high level policy positions and understand their perspective.

Covington’s team members are politically balanced. They enjoy respect in the House and Senate; and in both political parties.

No other organization has assembled a comparable team in experience, expertise and relationships with current government officials. They understand how governments in the U.S. and around the world make decisions, both the formal and informal considerations they take into account. They are skilled in interacting with U.S. and foreign agencies—their leaders and decision makers at every level.

Most important, Covington functions as a single integrated team. Our lawyers draw upon other public policy members as well as lawyers throughout the firm who have relevant expertise. The work is done collaboratively. This means when clients work with one or several members of the practice, they receive the benefit of the entire group’s experience and all of the knowledge throughout the firm.

The members of the Public Policy Practice Group have built up over many years relationships with key figures throughout the world. These give us the unique ability to solve global problems at the intersection of law and public policy.

Illustrative Projects

We have developed comprehensive legislative and regulatory strategies for our clients in such diverse industries as energy, financial services, food products, pharmaceuticals, transportation, technology, telecommunications, and on such varied matters as employee benefits, health care, homeland security, intellectual property, tax, sports, and product liability.

Please click here for a list of specific public policy matters handled by Covington.


Our practice and individual members of our team, have been recognized in the following publications:

  • The American Lawyer
  • Business Week
  • Chambers USA
  • Legal Times Influence
  • The Washingtonian
  • Washington Business Journal
  • The Washington Post
  • U.S. News and World Report

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