Sebastian Vos, a Partner and co-chair of the firm’s global Public Policy and Government Affairs Practice, appeared on CNBC this morning (CET) to discuss Brexit and its implications.  He outlined the likely timeline for the next two years and key players in the negotiations.

Mr. Vos discussed the likely pressures, positioning and messaging around the negotiations. Transparency on the EU side, and a unified front despite significant differences in the Member States’ interests and various important elections taking place in 2017. The UK government will feel severe pressure from within Parliament and from the media to achieve an advantageous deal for the UK while maintaining red lines on immigration, budget contributions, and the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the EU. Nevertheless, both sides will remain committed to achieving a workable outcome since ending up with no deal would be a terrible outcome for all involved.

Asked what businesses and investors should be doing about Brexit, Mr. Vos explained that while the long-term outlook for Brexit remains unclear; investors should closely monitor the pending negotiations as they could severely impact share and currency values. Business owners should analyze and monitor the relevant sectoral discussions to ensure that they understand how their companies could be impacted. Importantly, business owners should not simply watch what is happening, but engage in the process. Please find the link here: live interview.